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Buyer Services

Buying a home is an exciting time in one's life. As your real estate agent, I will personally guide you during this process and give constructive counsel throughout. I understand that between your work life, family and social life, time can be hard to come by. I work hard to accommodate your schedule and make sure I'm there to help you when it's most convenient for you. 


The Initial Consultation

It's free, easy and without pressure. We go through your needs and your wants to create a blueprint of your ideal home. This is a vital point in making sure I understand what you would like to get, what you can afford, and what communities provide the best options for you.

Man in Suit Signing

The Search

Everyday, you will receive an email of new listings that have come on the market that meet your criteria. You'll also receive a weekly market update that will tell you what has sold and for what price. This will help you understand the pricing of homes in a given area and how they compare to other similar homes that are listed or have just sold. We will see the homes that most closely meet your criteria and/or any other homes that spark your interest. 

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The Assessment

There are numerous factors to take into account when purchasing a home. I will provide you with timely and relevant information that will make your decision making informed and easier. Whether you want to know real estate values, property specifications, neighbourhood reviews, school district rankings and dozens of other insights, I can provide them for you.


The Offer

When you find a home you want, I will put together an offer that has the best opportunity of being accepted while ensuring that the price and terms are rational. You see, the most important aspect of all is that I would never recommend that you purchase a home for a price that I myself wouldn't pay. I need to truly feel that you're making the best possible decision. This is why my clients know they are in good hands when they choose to purchase their home with me. Additionally, know that I am a tough yet thoughtful negotiator. I provide expertise on closing deals that are in your best interest.

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The Contingencies

Usually, but not always, an offer to purchase a home comes with contingencies such as financing, inspection, appraisal, and insurance just to name a few. Not to worry! I work with a number of professionals who will assist you in fulfilling those contingencies. And of course, I'll be right beside you, walking you through the entire process.  

Taking the Key

The Closing

If you don't already have a real estate lawyer who will do the closing for you, I can recommend a few trusted law firms that I'm confident will do a thorough job. Closing, or completion day, is the last step in the process of buying and selling. It is the day when ownership is transferred from seller to buyer. It's the day when you get the keys to your new home and when your journey as a home owner begins! And I'd love to be a part of that as well.

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